Behind The Lens

Hi there and welcome! As you may have noticed or made the connection, my name is Kyleen Aiello. I am the owner and head photographer. My husband, Danny, works behind the scenes as my biggest cheerleader (hey, everyone needs one). But, I do work alongside incredibly talented photographers. You'll mainly see them alongside me at weddings, however, you may catch them at other sessions as well.

Fun Facts

If you know me personally or have booked a session with us recently you may have already know most of this:​

  • I have three munchkins; Jaxon (4), Kaliya (3), and Paiton (1).
  • I'm obsessed with pineapples!
  • FRIENDS is my top binge-worthy show.
  • Starbucks is my liquid motivation. 9/10 wedding consults happen here as it is one of my happy places. (Currently adjusting meetings due to COVID)
  • This is my 6th year in business and over 10 years since I picked up my first camera in high school.